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What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a most widely used word in marketing world today. Many of us must be aware about this word. But when you want to know what is Digital Marketing in simple language or in lay mans term then, it becomes a bit difficult to understand. So in this blog lets try to understand it in simple language. Specially for those who are not from Digital Marketing field but wanted to know about it or want to use it for doing marketing for their business.

Marketing as we all know is an activity of advertising products and services by creating awareness about it. Then creating desire in people about products & services and finally converting them as a customer. Traditionally business use various mediums for advertisements like hoardings, news papers/ magazines, radio, TV etc. So basic concept is that wherever there is large gathering of people or your potential customers are businesses tries to showcase their products and services. With emerge and wide spread of internet now majority of worlds population started spending their maximum time on internet for various reasons. Be it work or entertainment or gaining information/ knowledge. So business owners also started doing advertisement on internet. Since medium of doing advertisement if digital it’s called Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing.

With this basic understanding now let dive more deeper into the subject and understand what are main types of Digital Marketing Services. Don’t get afraid of various new words and terminologies you will encounter during understanding of Digital Marketing Services. We will try to keep it as simple as possible.

Types of Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This is the most commonly known type of Digital Marketing Service. Social Media is nothing but websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. where large number of people come for socializing and share their thoughts, photos, videos etc. Time people are spending on these type of websites and data they are sharing is increasing day by day. Through the details people share on this website these websites creates an excellent opportunity of doing marketing on this sites. Through marketing platform these sites provide it’s possible to do laser focus marketing to your potential customers with measurable ROI (Return On Investment) of your marketing budget.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engines are websites we use for searching information on internet. Google is most widely use search engine in world. However Google is not only search engine available on internet. Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex are example of some other popular search engines. Since Google is used by more that 92% of people for searching on internet it also provide great opportunity and platform for doing Search Engine Marketing. Whenever you search anything on Google it shows you many website results related to your search based on words used in your search term. However if you have observed carefully, majority of time top 3-4 results contains bold alphabets Ad before website name. These are advertisement your seeing for your search. This type of advertisement is most effective because people looking your advertisement are actively looking our for your products and services. At the same time mostly they are unaware that they are seeing and clicking on advertisement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is most technical type Digital Marketing Service. We have already understood what are search engines and how widely people use them for searching products and services. So it’s very important that your website should rank in 1st page result of search engine for your product or service related search. Websites which rank on 1st page result gets most of the clicks and apparently these website visitors becomes your customers. In SEO we use many on site and off site optimization techniques to bring website or particular page or blog (article) of website in top search results for particular set of words or term. This is different than SEM. Here we try to come in top results organically without any paid advertisement on search engine. This is time consuming process and usually takes between 6 months to 2 years or even more to rank in top results organically as per competition.

Inbound Marketing

Whenever you start creating online presence of your business the very first step is creating website of your business. It’s like your business destination on internet owned by you. Other things you create like pages on social media or listing products on market places is like keeping your stall in an exhibition. It’s not fully controlled by you. Your website is like your own shop in your full control. Ultimate aim of all other activities is bringing maximum people to your own website and making them your customer. So various activities we do and techniques use to increase traffic on your website comes under Inbound Marketing. Once people started typing your website name directly in URL and started visiting your website it’s best thing that can happen for your business.

Google Analytics

Google provide us with tool called Google Analytics. It provides us with various types of data related to our website. Also gives us various tools to analyze that data. It’s very important for us to see the number of visitors visiting our website, what they are doing on our site, in which section they are more interested, how much tome they are spending, if they are leaving site immediately then what might be reason and many more things. We can increase performance of site and make customers site visiting experience more pleasurable by analyzing this data. Numbers are very much important for any business for measuring performance and doing improvement accordingly. As the saying goes numbers never lie.

Email Marketing

And last but not the least is Email Marketing. It’s process of following up with your potential or existing customers via email. Now a days this technique is becoming less effective specially for potential customers. However still it’s useful mainly for existing customers who know you by your brand name. We set-up automated emails, responses for customers to keep them continuously engage with our brand. We send them various auto responses, follow-ups, offers etc.

So this is brief introduction about Digital Marketing specially for new bees. Hope you find it useful. If you have any questions then feel free to ask in comments section or reach us via [email protected] Also confirm any other topics on which you want more information. We will surly try provide you with same in simplest language possible.